It's a mindset.
It's a mindset.

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Inspiring the UK to be more deft.

1. Talent

2. Deft Mindset

3. Effort

4. Success

Deft UK offers bespoke mindset workshops for institutions that seek to reinvigorate their candidates/students/employees to be more productive, by being Deft (demonstrating skill and cleverness).


Collaborative learning in group sessions.

Activities include-

  • Reading Philosophical texts
  • Discussions about talent, importance of values and soft skills
  • Consolidating learning with presentations including peer assessment feedback
  • Sharing work of interest


Deft and Productivity

In order to be productive, one must demonstrate skill and cleverness. Ayn Rand explores the necessity of creativity when being productive as any work that is achieved has an essence of newness. Thus, regurgitated, cyclic work does not necessarily pertain to a true sense of productivity. The achievement of work begins within the mind and the quality and quantity of work depends upon the positivity and strength of mind-set.

Deft UK workshops inspire the Deft Mindset.

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Rachel Hawkes, Deft UK Ethical Clothing debate.


6th February 2020, 12pm.

Deft UK have been working in conjunction with University of Gloucester film students on a film series called ‘Deft is...’.

'Deft is...' Films

Deft workshop featuring Chineke violinist Didier Osindero.


Deft UK workshop at the University of Law Business School featuring author and Oxford University fellow, Andrew St George.

Dear Deft UK,

Stay Safe. Stay Deft.

During this challenging and testing time, I encourage you to stay safe and where possible stay deft.

Deft UK Team

Styling Britain to be more deft.

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