It's a mindset.
It's a mindset.


'It's not just a logo. It's a mindset.'


Jonathan Hawkes, Rachel Hawkes and their younger sister Hayley have always been encouraged by their single mother to think through, beyond and over the lines. Their upbringing was fuelled by the ideology that you are not a product of your circumstance, your circumstance is a product of your mind.


The second dictionary definition of 'Deft' means to "demonstrate skill and cleverness". After graduating from Durham University, the Deft logo was created by Jonathan while he was a music teacher at a secondary school in Putney. He shared the logo with his sister, Rachel who at the time had completed her PGCE in primary education. At the time, both had experienced some of the common pitfalls of becoming professionals. Instantly, she was inspired. She knew that Deft is not just a logo, it's a mindset, a mindset she would have to demonstrate as a new professional. This is a cause brand.


The thing about the Deft logo is that in a word it summarises the necessary characteristic one has to exemplify in order to survive as a professional. In an ever-changing world, the professional today is required to not only get on with their job, but actively and continuously demonstrate skill and cleverness, to be deft.


The Deft logo is a badge of honour, a revolution of the mind. It is for those that not only seek to get on with it, but strive to demonstrate skill and cleverness by intelligently innovating their industry and pushing the boundaries of creative productivity.


If that is you, wear Deft with pride. Join the revolution.






A personal note...

Since launching in August 2017, Deft UK has received wonderful support and enthusiasm for the brand. We would like to say a huge thank you for the encouragement, warmth and love.

God bless!

                                                                            The Deft UK Team

Dear Deft UK,

Stay Safe. Stay Deft.

During this challenging and testing time, I encourage you to stay safe and where possible stay deft.

Deft UK Team

Styling Britain to be more deft.

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