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Deft UK C.E.O, Rachel Hawkes and Author, Andrew St George discuss identity, race, productivity. Both are wearing the Back to Work Deft Ethical Clothing range.

Photography- Raj Art & Co

A seemingly unlikely friendship arose from the spontaneous understanding that gratitude reciprocates. After reading ‘Royal Navy: Way of Leadership’ (a gift from a brilliant mind and friend), I decided to thank the author of this book that had become a companion to life’s conundrum of navigating oneself through professional questioning, limitations and frustrations. At the time, I was a new primary school teacher with fierce and autonomous ideas about drawing out the brilliance and excellence of young minds, a vibe not all senior management were fond off. I didn’t like to stick to the script, hence the audacity of writing to an esteemed author just to say thanks. That audacity has always been inspired by my mum, who encourages me to strive for anything.

Andrew St George, AuthorI didn’t expect a reply...until I received one. A short and concise ‘Thank you for reaching out’. I believe the valuing of another’s efforts to make people feel better is important; it’s not always communicated, but important none the less. I had my opening and Andrew and I began to correspond via email and then phone before a friendly meet up in Paddington sealed the beginning of a friendship. 

Andrew has taught me 2 things; 1: to ask better questions with the ricocheting effect of exploring better answers and 2: to be open to different perspectives. As an author, his construction of words is inspiring and I enjoy the conversations we have that stimulate deeper thought and empathy.

I believe that perspectives are extremely important. We don’t always agree, but the challenge of facing a completely different world viewpoint allows us to reach into the depths of compromise and understanding and within that vicinity, truth is found.

With the context of human interaction being at the fore of frustration, absolution, narcissism and all the enemies of humanity, I think conversations especially when delving from seemingly opposing perspectives, can create a deeper mastery of our global journey.

Question: Where does the journey lead?

Answer: Better questions, thoughtful answers and shared meaning.


Andrew and Rachel are wearing jacket and shirt from the Deft Ethical Clothing range.

Rachel Hawkes, Deft UK Ethical Clothing debate.


6th February 2020, 12pm.

Entrepreneur, Ed Sena expresses the importance of creating your path to success.

Author, Andrew St George expresses the importance of cheerfulness during times of challenge.

Deft UK worked in conjunction with University of Gloucester film students on a film series called ‘Deft is...’.

'Deft is...' Films

Deft workshop featuring Chineke violinist Didier Osindero.


January 2019

Deft were invited to this year's Fashion SVP Source Denim.


Deft UK workshop at the University of Law Business School featuring author, McKenzie writer and Oxford University fellow, Dr Andrew St George.

May 2018 with Colin Rhoden.

April 2018. Interview with author,  Andrew St George.

April 2018, Photoshoot with UK based rapper Infecta.

March 2018, Deft UK at London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA) Job Fair

Deft in Boutique Magazine February 2018

The Sustainable Angle hosted a fantastic event where Deft UK got the opportunity to meet some amazing innovators within the ethical clothing movement. The event featured companies from around the world who use creative means to produce fashion materials. Ocean plastics for polyester and apple skins for leather to name but a few. Truly exciting!

Deft UK in Boutique Magazine January 2018

Deft UK showcased in the Emerging Designers' Showroom  at London Fashion Week Men's

6th-8th January 2018

Photoshoot with dancer Tony Prince December 2017

Photography by Colin Rhoden

Deft UK in Boutique Magazine

Shoot with Colin Rhoden November 2017

Shoot with Colin Rhoden September 2017




Deft UK at Exquisite Model Management Re-Launch 19th August 2017





UK based deft rapper Infecta models for Deft UK 18th August 2017






Deft UK at MoChic Events Charity Gala 5th August 2017

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