It's a mindset.
It's a mindset.

'Deft is...' Films

Film students from Gloucester University completed a film project for Deft UK called ‘Deft is...’

Here, they present a selection of people who are deft; a dancer, musician, climber, artist, biker and a boxer.

At Deft UK, we believe everyone is capable of being Deft.

Whether it’s being a deft cleaner, a deft teacher or a deft CEO, everyone has the ability to demonstrate skill and cleverness.

Deft is…you.

Thank you to these Deft Film Makers

Abbey Wilson - Producer -

Tom Hobson - Cinematographer -

William Evans - Editor -

Nirupama Rajendran - Sound Recordist and Designer - 

Dear Deft UK,

Stay Safe. Stay Deft.

During this challenging and testing time, I encourage you to stay safe and where possible stay deft.

Deft UK Team

Styling Britain to be more deft.

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