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It's a mindset.

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Deft Mindset Ethical Products = Deft UK


Deft UK encourages people to be creatively and innovatively productive and to make products ethically. We encourage people to be deft, but ethical about it.

As the UK is the capital of the world, we collaborate with designers, manufacturers and innovators from all over the world.


Deft Mindset

At Deft UK, we seek to inspire the UK to be more 'deft' through merchandise. "You are what you wear," as the saying goes. Deft UK is all about encouraging the attitude of being deft (to "demonstrate skill and cleverness").

We also host Deft workshops to motivate the deft mindset in people.


Ethical Products

At Deft UK, we believe in minimising the environmental impact of manufacturing products. We research and develop innovative methods of creating products in a sustainable and ethical way with our global collaborators.


Deft UK is the standard for trade.


During this time of change, we must recognise and acknowledge the huge contributions our global collaborators have made towards making this country what it is. At Deft UK, we honour those who have brought Britain into being with their presents, gifts and brilliance. The UK is home to many from across the world. No barriers. No restrictions. The UK is home to the world. Let this time not serve to create divide, but stimulate compromise and deeper, new-found understanding between our global family. Let us honour the value of our cultures, characters, colours and let the UK be host to us all. Welcome to Deft UK.

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Everybody has value.

Show yours. Be Deft.

Dear Deft UK,

Stay Safe. Stay Deft.

During this challenging and testing time, I encourage you to stay safe and where possible stay deft.

Deft UK Team

Styling Britain to be more deft.

Deft is a registered trademark.

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